Rage! (Counting to 10)

One, Temperature rising,
eyes become flooded!
Two, Teeth gnashed, but my voice screaming to be free!
Three, I just want out of this cage!
Four, Surrounded by these egg shells; they stab my feet!
Five, At that boiling point,
But drowning in a cold sweat!
Six, Everything in reach becomes a drum.
These fist scream murder!
You better run!
Seven, A monster!
Big and green
Lives deep within.
Eight, I feel it grabbing my neck
As the hairs stand on end.
My eyes begin to twitch,
Nine, My joints all stiff!
Yet my hands shake!
Ten, My transformation almost complete.
I’m all but on his heels!
Arms just out of reach!
Again this cycle repeats,
help me… One, Two, Three…


Rage! (Counting to 10) By DK-ALF.

Photo Source: Matrix| Mr Smith


What if someone asked you to define what it is to be human?

I am an indomitable spirit, the irresistible force, a candle akin to a supernova! 
Might incarnate, immortal am I! My soul eternal, my influence everlasting! 
Varied am I, as similar to you as I am different. Steeped in hatred yet the bringer of cupid’s arrow. 
The perfect flaw trapped in a vicious cycle. Forever seeking enlightenment. 
I am here and everywhere. Because I am you and you are me, 

Human by DK-ALF.

Photo Source: newscientist.com|Pierre Andrieu |Getty images

The Rage of Youth!

Let us enjoy the younger days,
while we see with innocent eyes.
Pure and free of the corruption of old.
But before we steadily grow cold.
Let me fight, let us wage war and be merry!
Toe to toe we must stand
in the conviction of our might!

A young brave.
Running wild and free; never to be caged!
Push and shove until you have your way!
Let them not look or think to silence you!
For while you prance in their ignorance,
Blissfully smile.
Because today your light shines!

Enjoy, a joyful life, full to the brim.
Let it runneth over!
Bare all in that smile!
For they cannot stop you!
And try as they might,
you’ll never lose sight!
For your soul, will never, grow old!


Rage of Youth! By DK-ALF.

Photo source: Printerest


Feature Friday: Imperfections

Featured on stillinittowinit.blog as a part of her feature Fridays. Check out her blog.

Imperfections written by myself.


Featured Writer: Duwayne Findlay


Now I lay me down to sleep, to dream of a world. A word, perfection. My life all planned as smooth as silk. My fantasies, my fiction, my novelties all granted. A dream of a lifetime, a lifetime lived.

But no mystery, no pain, and struggle? No joy of surprise, the accidental love. Can there be passion without the struggle and joy without knowing pain? Or love without the mystery that makes us unique? Soon you’ll yearn for a surprise. A gamble!

A surprise, no better than a blinded throw of the dice. Where the unknown birthed passion, joy and love. You would dream of being awake, deep in the struggle, of your life!

– Duwayne Findlay

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