Tossing and turning between sleepless nights and cold sweat mornings. Afraid of the inevitable end. A brave fighter, willing to put my life on the line, but I can’t see my way through this. Hugging my knees, staring at my feet. The corner a bit too familiar. A contender contented? But judgement is coming.

Judgement day, like any other the sun was shining. Anxiously walking as anxiety piled on my nerves, a time bomb waiting. A touch could set me off. “Little boy lookout for that truck!” They shouted. But I just stood there in a daze. Bang!! “I think we have to talk,” she said, my response “I agree…” we each have to find our own wings.

Am I that eagle taking flight? The wind feels cold and lonely, I’m just doing my best not to start a death spiral. Hope appears in a familiar scent. The hunt is on and what’s needed now is the appropriate bait. My heart on the line and my emotions are tugging.

Soaring as two with comfort in the familiar? But slowly adjusting my balance, regardless of the stutters, I would be forgiven by my angel of mercy. My prop when I fumble, that signpost when I’m lost. But she could never keep me grounded…

Too much alike to truly know one another? The phone rings… A choice to be made. Am I that brave fighter? Judgement day again! A crisis underway yet the sun shines! The earth shakes with every step. My ears deceive me as the pounding increases with every breath. I’m afraid of what I’m about to do!

She can see it in my eyes! “Just speak,” she says… I’d rather die than hurt you. But these are the dominoes I have laid! Her heart my collateral; my soul forever tarnished. Brave again and a hundred times more, but I’ll never lay these dominoes again.

Dominoes by DK-ALF.

Photo source: |Karaflazz

I know the Brave

He stood there and watched the world turn against him; his back to the wall and his options limited. A few words could be heard, half whispered, “keep standing”. Though the words were shaky and you could see the hesitation in his breath. The chill that ran down his spine must have been worse!

But what we failed to see was that his fists were clenched! The mad look in his eyes as his muscles contracted; arms raised wide as if declaring to the world that he was here! It was not until we saw him inching his chin up, bit by bit, to reveal that proud smile. That smile dared the world to stand before him as his gate keeper. Block my freedom at your own risk was written on his face. The arrogance of it all, to dare the powers that be to begone!

We saw his strides and could not help to wonder the purpose? He took two steps and stopped as if only to answer a call and be seen. Followed by a yell that said “present and accounted”. We saw him clearly, in the face tyranny he stood. When threatened to be stripped of freedom he lifted his face in defiance with a smile. The would be betrayers towed the line with no option but to sit on that bandwagon. “How brave,” they thought.

Suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning had struck, echoes could be heard as chants of “we live for freedom and we die for it” were sung. A spark had galvanized the masses into action! One individual said no when yes was demanded, stood when the chair was provided and marched into duty when no less was required. So yes, I know the brave.

I know the Brave by DK-ALF.
Photo source:  Steve Roberts, Jr./

Growing Heaven

In my youth heaven was small it was barely an idea, yet it consumed my all. It consisted of slopes, soft and supple. It’s reach wrapped around me; comforting and warm. I couldn’t wait to enter those gates filled with charm. Little did I know my heaven, still grows.

Hardly a man still I say “I do”. By one, my heaven just grew. Hugs and kisses with little baby wishes; each night a blessing to share. Nine months, eight pounds and three ounces later. I’m a man now! You can add father to my title. My heaven grew again, by one foot and 7 inches.

Empty nesters now, no more missing food or vanishing money. My little troubles have grown up; graduated to long term relationships. My princess a woman now. But like any dad, I gave him the look, at the alter. Be sure to protect her!

A little wiser now? But my heaven is bursting at the seams! “Grandpa, Grandpa come look and see!” I’m a lot busier even though I’m a little slower and maybe a little wiser. My heaven grew with me and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Growing Heaven by DK-ALF.
Photo source: Personal collection

The Phoenix

(Short story, a one part mini.)

He laid there waiting as unwillingness could be seen from his eyes. The flames of war burned in his soul. Revolt against death he thought as he grimaced. But like a moth to a flame he was drawn to that warmth. Beckoning to him as he screamed seemingly his last breath.

Determined to be a phoenix; rising from the ashes. He got to his feet with tears in his eyes, biting his lips as blood could be seen slowly dripping. His consciousness faded but he would not allow it to slip noiselessly.

“I am not done!” He professed as the torment was visibly seen splashed across his face. Sweat dripping, jaw clenched and madness in his eyes! The embers of his memories smoldered as loved ones could be seen stoking his will to live.

A step, as he struggled for another and yet another! “I will not go!” he declared with his arms outstretched to the heavens. His head was tilted back as the rays of sunshine kissed his forehead. A smile appeared then laughter followed. It echoed his will and determination to the heavens!

He would not go, determined to change, to be anew. Rebirth his goal, death only an obstacle. Though he was beaten, battered and left for dead. He was undaunted and unwilling to accept the end. So he dared to change his fate regardless of the suffering! His phoenix call; clear and loud! “Let the heavens tremble as I shall be reborn!”

The Phoenix by DK-ALF.
Editor: Raymonalisa
Photo source: Pinterest

Meeting Love (3 Part Super Short)

Part 1 – The story begins. Oddly enough I dreamt the events of part one and later decided to write it down. I don’t really want to interpret the dream I just thought it was beautiful.


Meeting Love Pt1 by DK-ALF.

Photo source: Flickr|by evaxebra

Help Wanted

If you don’t mind let me ask you to fill this form out. Just for verification. No problem Sir. What’s my name? John. My date of birth? Old enough. Okay. What’s next, my address…? Mister are you okay? Yes Sir…

Short story by DK-ALF.

Photo source: Huffington Post/ Frank Giustra

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