I know the Brave

He stood there and watched the world turn against him; his back to the wall and his options limited. A few words could be heard, half whispered, “keep standing”. Though the words were shaky and you could see the hesitation in his breath. The chill that ran down his spine must have been worse!

But what we failed to see was that his fists were clenched! The mad look in his eyes as his muscles contracted; arms raised wide as if declaring to the world that he was here! It was not until we saw him inching his chin up, bit by bit, to reveal that proud smile. That smile dared the world to stand before him as his gate keeper. Block my freedom at your own risk was written on his face. The arrogance of it all, to dare the powers that be to begone!

We saw his strides and could not help to wonder the purpose? He took two steps and stopped as if only to answer a call and be seen. Followed by a yell that said “present and accounted”. We saw him clearly, in the face tyranny he stood. When threatened to be stripped of freedom he lifted his face in defiance with a smile. The would be betrayers towed the line with no option but to sit on that bandwagon. “How brave,” they thought.

Suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning had struck, echoes could be heard as chants of “we live for freedom and we die for it” were sung. A spark had galvanized the masses into action! One individual said no when yes was demanded, stood when the chair was provided and marched into duty when no less was required. So yes, I know the brave.

I know the Brave by DK-ALF.
Photo source:  Steve Roberts, Jr./WYDaily.com

The End?

When do we stop? Where is the end? In the beginning, we must know where we end and how we end; so that we can hold steadfast to our beliefs when we encounter road blocks. We strive for brilliance but before that dawn, we shall struggle with that eternal night. Where our will must be all. It is the tension in our fingers as a fist is formed, the ripples in our muscles as our arm arches back, but it is that determination in our eyes as we refuse to shut out the light!

So stand, stand with me, as we go to war. We fight not for prizes, riches and honour. We fight so that we can live the life we want. We fight to live! We fight for that right!! Where you, I and my brothers are equal. Though the world may not see it, I tell you, I do and I know who you are. You are human, you are my family, my brothers and sisters. Yes, I know we are much more than that! But look at the whole and realize how much more you truly are.

Though in the end, my knowledge is limited. What I know is that you and I are not the grains of sand on a beach, we are not the waves that batter that beach, nor are we the ocean that carries the sand into the far reaches! We are more! More than the land beneath our feet, bigger than the mountains that extend to the heavens. Greater are we still when compared to the Earth that grew from a grain of sand into a planet. For we tread upon the celestial bodies. Yet we look millions of miles away and wonder if life is upon them? This is nothing more than a folly. Because they look upon us and dream to come here, to walk amongst us because they are us.

You are more than the grain of sand, more than humanity, more than a planet and still more than a galaxy! You are limitless and your potential is without end. So when do we stop and where is that end? We never stop because our dreams are endless.

The End? By DK-ALF
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The ancients would yearn for immortality. They would yearn to be remembered. To be immortalised, so that they would never be forgotten in the aeons of time. But aeons later we would evolve into immortality.

We created a space within space. A virtual world where we could live and never be forgotten. There our thoughts can be more than written but recorded for all to share. So worry not about being listed amongst the forgotten. Worry about how you will be remembered.

Mortality is a gift. It highlights the preciousness of the moments we share. The importance of the struggles we bear. Your time is precious, even if what you say will last for ever. But your time is also important, because what you say can last forever.

But now I will tell you something that should be common knowledge. Your soul is eternal. It is the everlasting character we share with our God. But this life is mortal. Our actions and deeds, recorded or not, will determine how we spend eternity.

Immortality by DK-ALF.
Photo source : Disclose.tv

The Wind

I’ve never truly seen her. But I’ve felt her hands moving across my cheeks. Her tender touches as she would wipe the sweat from my brow. Her gentle words blowing pass my ear. How insatiable she would be when I laid bare. And when her hands slowly glide over me, chills can be seen running down my spine.

Days when my temper flares and I’m burning with anger, her gentle breeze would keep me from buckling to my knees. My passionate nights would be unbearable without her. Her ever changing forms are so gentle and warm. My head spins thinking of nothing but her butterfly kisses.

Gently blowing through my hair. As if to reassure me that she would always be there. Though I may never see her, I most certainly feel her. Similar to faith, in believing in the things unseen. However, I’ll take it a step further by declaring I love her, the wind. When she hugs me I can take flight. I know her presence is fleeting, but in the moment, she is ever present. Faithfully by my side faithfully by your side.

The Wind by DK-ALF.
Editor: Raymonalisa
Photo source: Pinterest | photobucket.com

Bury Me Then

Bury me when I’m dead! When my heart stops beating with the passion of life. When my world no longer struggles against the insidious currents of time. Bury me when my thoughts are content to worry, bury me then!

Bury me on that hill overlooking my loved ones. As they grow old let me fester there. Let these dry bones feed the watch dog that will forever protect the clan. His howls echo my determination and pride. Bury me there, under that dear moon light.

But bury me when I’m dead! When my soul stops. Because I’ve seen my dreams to their destination. Bury me after I’ve stood on that stage and stared down death! Bury me then! Bury me content, with a smile, having a laugh! Because you bury a man that have lived!

Bury Me Then! By DK-ALF
Photo source: Pinterest | Taringa | Los Mejores fondos de pantalla de lobos

Man or Machine?

Going through the motions,
An emotional being?
You “put your face on” in the morning,
teeth all clean.
A pair of pants, a shirt and a tie.
As symmetric as can be.
Now, one foot before the other.
Your destination arrives.
Greet, smile and say a word or two.
These pleasantries repeated,
Their shyness retreated,
And comfort ensues.
These motions well rehearsed,
Practically programmed to perfection.
How alive are you?
I understand, certain things
You can’t compute.
But why not try to be different?
Why not try to be you?
Update, your definition on life,
And become engaged.
Though life can be seen
as a system of relays.
How you live it,
Is completely up to you.
So instead of recharging
your batteries tonight.
Give it a thought,
and explore your feelings.
Consider what it means to be human,
What it means, to be you.


Man or Machine By DK-ALF.

Photo source: The Matrix Trilogy

The Duality of Self

We must have a conversation with that one person that can change your life.


the Duality of Self ( My “Shin no Ippou”) By DK-ALF.

Photo source: Fight Club


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