Tossing and turning between sleepless nights and cold sweat mornings. Afraid of the inevitable end. A brave fighter, willing to put my life on the line, but I can’t see my way through this. Hugging my knees, staring at my feet. The corner a bit too familiar. A contender contented? But judgement is coming.

Judgement day, like any other the sun was shining. Anxiously walking as anxiety piled on my nerves, a time bomb waiting. A touch could set me off. “Little boy lookout for that truck!” They shouted. But I just stood there in a daze. Bang!! “I think we have to talk,” she said, my response “I agree…” we each have to find our own wings.

Am I that eagle taking flight? The wind feels cold and lonely, I’m just doing my best not to start a death spiral. Hope appears in a familiar scent. The hunt is on and what’s needed now is the appropriate bait. My heart on the line and my emotions are tugging.

Soaring as two with comfort in the familiar? But slowly adjusting my balance, regardless of the stutters, I would be forgiven by my angel of mercy. My prop when I fumble, that signpost when I’m lost. But she could never keep me grounded…

Too much alike to truly know one another? The phone rings… A choice to be made. Am I that brave fighter? Judgement day again! A crisis underway yet the sun shines! The earth shakes with every step. My ears deceive me as the pounding increases with every breath. I’m afraid of what I’m about to do!

She can see it in my eyes! “Just speak,” she says… I’d rather die than hurt you. But these are the dominoes I have laid! Her heart my collateral; my soul forever tarnished. Brave again and a hundred times more, but I’ll never lay these dominoes again.

Dominoes by DK-ALF.

Photo source: |Karaflazz

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