The End?

When do we stop? Where is the end? In the beginning, we must know where we end and how we end; so that we can hold steadfast to our beliefs when we encounter road blocks. We strive for brilliance but before that dawn, we shall struggle with that eternal night. Where our will must be all. It is the tension in our fingers as a fist is formed, the ripples in our muscles as our arm arches back, but it is that determination in our eyes as we refuse to shut out the light!

So stand, stand with me, as we go to war. We fight not for prizes, riches and honour. We fight so that we can live the life we want. We fight to live! We fight for that right!! Where you, I and my brothers are equal. Though the world may not see it, I tell you, I do and I know who you are. You are human, you are my family, my brothers and sisters. Yes, I know we are much more than that! But look at the whole and realize how much more you truly are.

Though in the end, my knowledge is limited. What I know is that you and I are not the grains of sand on a beach, we are not the waves that batter that beach, nor are we the ocean that carries the sand into the far reaches! We are more! More than the land beneath our feet, bigger than the mountains that extend to the heavens. Greater are we still when compared to the Earth that grew from a grain of sand into a planet. For we tread upon the celestial bodies. Yet we look millions of miles away and wonder if life is upon them? This is nothing more than a folly. Because they look upon us and dream to come here, to walk amongst us because they are us.

You are more than the grain of sand, more than humanity, more than a planet and still more than a galaxy! You are limitless and your potential is without end. So when do we stop and where is that end? We never stop because our dreams are endless.

The End? By DK-ALF
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