I know the Brave

He stood there and watched the world turn against him; his back to the wall and his options limited. A few words could be heard, half whispered, “keep standing”. Though the words were shaky and you could see the hesitation in his breath. The chill that ran down his spine must have been worse!

But what we failed to see was that his fists were clenched! The mad look in his eyes as his muscles contracted; arms raised wide as if declaring to the world that he was here! It was not until we saw him inching his chin up, bit by bit, to reveal that proud smile. That smile dared the world to stand before him as his gate keeper. Block my freedom at your own risk was written on his face. The arrogance of it all, to dare the powers that be to begone!

We saw his strides and could not help to wonder the purpose? He took two steps and stopped as if only to answer a call and be seen. Followed by a yell that said “present and accounted”. We saw him clearly, in the face tyranny he stood. When threatened to be stripped of freedom he lifted his face in defiance with a smile. The would be betrayers towed the line with no option but to sit on that bandwagon. “How brave,” they thought.

Suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning had struck, echoes could be heard as chants of “we live for freedom and we die for it” were sung. A spark had galvanized the masses into action! One individual said no when yes was demanded, stood when the chair was provided and marched into duty when no less was required. So yes, I know the brave.

I know the Brave by DK-ALF.
Photo source:  Steve Roberts, Jr./WYDaily.com

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