The ancients would yearn for immortality. They would yearn to be remembered. To be immortalised, so that they would never be forgotten in the aeons of time. But aeons later we would evolve into immortality.

We created a space within space. A virtual world where we could live and never be forgotten. There our thoughts can be more than written but recorded for all to share. So worry not about being listed amongst the forgotten. Worry about how you will be remembered.

Mortality is a gift. It highlights the preciousness of the moments we share. The importance of the struggles we bear. Your time is precious, even if what you say will last for ever. But your time is also important, because what you say can last forever.

But now I will tell you something that should be common knowledge. Your soul is eternal. It is the everlasting character we share with our God. But this life is mortal. Our actions and deeds, recorded or not, will determine how we spend eternity.

Immortality by DK-ALF.
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