The Wind

I’ve never truly seen her. But I’ve felt her hands moving across my cheeks. Her tender touches as she would wipe the sweat from my brow. Her gentle words blowing pass my ear. How insatiable she would be when I laid bare. And when her hands slowly glide over me, chills can be seen running down my spine.

Days when my temper flares and I’m burning with anger, her gentle breeze would keep me from buckling to my knees. My passionate nights would be unbearable without her. Her ever changing forms are so gentle and warm. My head spins thinking of nothing but her butterfly kisses.

Gently blowing through my hair. As if to reassure me that she would always be there. Though I may never see her, I most certainly feel her. Similar to faith, in believing in the things unseen. However, I’ll take it a step further by declaring I love her, the wind. When she hugs me I can take flight. I know her presence is fleeting, but in the moment, she is ever present. Faithfully by my side faithfully by your side.

The Wind by DK-ALF.
Editor: Raymonalisa
Photo source: Pinterest |

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