Bury Me Then

Bury me when I’m dead! When my heart stops beating with the passion of life. When my world no longer struggles against the insidious currents of time. Bury me when my thoughts are content to worry, bury me then!

Bury me on that hill overlooking my loved ones. As they grow old let me fester there. Let these dry bones feed the watch dog that will forever protect the clan. His howls echo my determination and pride. Bury me there, under that dear moon light.

But bury me when I’m dead! When my soul stops. Because I’ve seen my dreams to their destination. Bury me after I’ve stood on that stage and stared down death! Bury me then! Bury me content, with a smile, having a laugh! Because you bury a man that have lived!

Bury Me Then! By DK-ALF
Photo source: Pinterest | Taringa | Los Mejores fondos de pantalla de lobos

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