Growing Heaven

In my youth heaven was small it was barely an idea, yet it consumed my all. It consisted of slopes, soft and supple. It’s reach wrapped around me; comforting and warm. I couldn’t wait to enter those gates filled with charm. Little did I know my heaven, still grows.

Hardly a man still I say “I do”. By one, my heaven just grew. Hugs and kisses with little baby wishes; each night a blessing to share. Nine months, eight pounds and three ounces later. I’m a man now! You can add father to my title. My heaven grew again, by one foot and 7 inches.

Empty nesters now, no more missing food or vanishing money. My little troubles have grown up; graduated to long term relationships. My princess a woman now. But like any dad, I gave him the look, at the alter. Be sure to protect her!

A little wiser now? But my heaven is bursting at the seams! “Grandpa, Grandpa come look and see!” I’m a lot busier even though I’m a little slower and maybe a little wiser. My heaven grew with me and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Growing Heaven by DK-ALF.
Photo source: Personal collection

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