Time Travel

Scientists say that we look back in time each night we stare upon a star. As our lives burn so brightly shining with beauty. I may never see the origin of you nor how you came to be. But it’s where you’ll go, that I’m most interested to see.

They say that what we see is the travel of light. The imagery as it was when it happened. For what we see is delayed by a factor of time. Having only glimpsed your past as I struggle to understand your present. Know that no one can see your future, but you.

Take stock of who you are. Your value is immeasurable and unfathomable. No amount of machinery, research or deity can define who you are and what you are capable of. So look to your future beyond what you see. Beyond that pain and struggle of now. Picture your future, picture your smile and see what you know is real.


Time Travel by DK-ALF.

Editor: Raymonalisa

Photo source: Time travel archives | Ancient Code

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