The Phoenix

(Short story, a one part mini.)

He laid there waiting as unwillingness could be seen from his eyes. The flames of war burned in his soul. Revolt against death he thought as he grimaced. But like a moth to a flame he was drawn to that warmth. Beckoning to him as he screamed seemingly his last breath.

Determined to be a phoenix; rising from the ashes. He got to his feet with tears in his eyes, biting his lips as blood could be seen slowly dripping. His consciousness faded but he would not allow it to slip noiselessly.

“I am not done!” He professed as the torment was visibly seen splashed across his face. Sweat dripping, jaw clenched and madness in his eyes! The embers of his memories smoldered as loved ones could be seen stoking his will to live.

A step, as he struggled for another and yet another! “I will not go!” he declared with his arms outstretched to the heavens. His head was tilted back as the rays of sunshine kissed his forehead. A smile appeared then laughter followed. It echoed his will and determination to the heavens!

He would not go, determined to change, to be anew. Rebirth his goal, death only an obstacle. Though he was beaten, battered and left for dead. He was undaunted and unwilling to accept the end. So he dared to change his fate regardless of the suffering! His phoenix call; clear and loud! “Let the heavens tremble as I shall be reborn!”

The Phoenix by DK-ALF.
Editor: Raymonalisa
Photo source: Pinterest

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