Man or Machine?

Going through the motions,
An emotional being?
You “put your face on” in the morning,
teeth all clean.
A pair of pants, a shirt and a tie.
As symmetric as can be.
Now, one foot before the other.
Your destination arrives.
Greet, smile and say a word or two.
These pleasantries repeated,
Their shyness retreated,
And comfort ensues.
These motions well rehearsed,
Practically programmed to perfection.
How alive are you?
I understand, certain things
You can’t compute.
But why not try to be different?
Why not try to be you?
Update, your definition on life,
And become engaged.
Though life can be seen
as a system of relays.
How you live it,
Is completely up to you.
So instead of recharging
your batteries tonight.
Give it a thought,
and explore your feelings.
Consider what it means to be human,
What it means, to be you.


Man or Machine By DK-ALF.

Photo source: The Matrix Trilogy

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