Rage! (Counting to 10)

One, Temperature rising,
eyes become flooded!
Two, Teeth gnashed, but my voice screaming to be free!
Three, I just want out of this cage!
Four, Surrounded by these egg shells; they stab my feet!
Five, At that boiling point,
But drowning in a cold sweat!
Six, Everything in reach becomes a drum.
These fist scream murder!
You better run!
Seven, A monster!
Big and green
Lives deep within.
Eight, I feel it grabbing my neck
As the hairs stand on end.
My eyes begin to twitch,
Nine, My joints all stiff!
Yet my hands shake!
Ten, My transformation almost complete.
I’m all but on his heels!
Arms just out of reach!
Again this cycle repeats,
help me… One, Two, Three…


Rage! (Counting to 10) By DK-ALF.

Photo Source: Matrix| Mr Smith

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